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As a local business, our team understands the responsibilities and hardships of operating a successful company. With everything from financial obligations to upkeep, there’s rarely a time when you’re not thinking about how to make your business more attractive to customers and potential staff. One of the things that can help free up more time and alleviate some burden is to hand over essential repairs to My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth and Rochester.

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience in various trades, making us a go-to provider of professional handyman services and repairs for businesses in and around Dover. We take pride in helping you check off items from an ever-growing commercial to-do list. Our goal is to help you focus on managing your employees, supporting customers, and keeping your business operating long-term.

You can rely on our Dover repair and remodeling specialists to work with you, listen to your exact needs, and execute them to a T.

For more about commercial handyman services and repairs in Dover, call (603) 605-8363.

The Various Industries We’ve Partnered With

You can’t have a legacy as long as ours without having worked with various industries or understanding the needs of those industries.

My Handyman has partnered with the following businesses:

  • Restaurants – From assembling dining tables and chairs and booths to installing light fixtures, restaurants need a lot of support. Our Dover repair and installation pros can help keep you compliant with specific health and safety codes, so you never have to worry about failing inspections.
  • Shopping Malls – First impressions are everything. For retail locations and shopping malls, attracting customers helps keep your doors open. We specialize in ensuring everything is installed correctly to avoid any problems during business hours.
  • Financial Institutions – Are you ready to enhance the look of your financial institution? Our remodeling service can help you upgrade bathroom fixtures, lighting, paint color, and more. After all, when financial customers enter your space and see the new look, they’ll be more apt to trust you with their money.
  • Healthcare Facilities – Healthcare facilities must abide by strict health codes, which means buildings should project a clean and organized appearance. Regular maintenance and repair tasks are easy for our licensed and professional handymen and women.
  • Government – Municipal and government entities must always appear clean, as a shabby appearance can leave a negative impression and cause people to lose faith in governing bodies. Our professional handyman and repair services in Dover are competitively priced and customizable for your specific needs.
  • Hospitality – When guests stay at your hotel or rental property, you want them to feel right at home. And they can’t do that if your property is falling apart. Let us help you maintain the beautiful appearance of your hotel or resort long-term.

What Are Signs That You Should Hire A Commercial Handyman For Your Project?

Commercial Handyman signs can be hard to spot. Here are 10 signs that a commercial handyman needs to be involved with your project:

  • No one in the business knows who is doing what work
  • Different workers for each small task
  • Some workers are always busy, others are not
  • Waste time on non-important tasks
  • Workers have never worked together before
  • Even when someone is not working, they are there
  • Careful and time-consuming estimates
  • Sometimes only 1 worker at a time
  • The job always takes longer than expected
  • Someone who demands a lot of money for their work

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