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Commercial Handyman Services Near Dover

Reliable Professionals for Your Home's Needs

  • Retail & Shopping Malls

    With regularly scheduled maintenance, your shopping mall, strip mall, or retail store will attract more customers than ever. Keep everything looking great and running smoothly with repairs and installations from My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth and Rochester!

  • Restaurants & Food Service

    Without periodic maintenance, restaurants and fast food chains face serious penalties from health inspectors and other authorities. Don’t let your establishment fall into disarray! Hire our team of handymen to provide quality service and make essential repairs to your property.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    No one wants to spend time in an unsanitary healthcare facility. That’s why maintenance and repairs must be performed on a regular basis. From emergency rooms to urgent care centers, avoid paying fines and losing licenses with assistance from My Handyman.

  • Small Business & Corporate Offices

    Offices thrive on atmosphere and presentation. Without reliable contractors, it’s hard to make the improvements required to keep clients coming back. Call My Handyman, and discover the maintenance and repair upgrades your office has been missing. From small companies to larger corporate settings, we’ve got the tools and experience your business needs.

  • Financial Institutions

    Beautiful interiors and exteriors are a huge part of building and maintaining a successful financial institution. With the assistance of our expert handymen in Dover, Portsmouth and Rochester, your space will look the part, and customers will continue to feel confident in trusting you with their money. Contact us today for affordable, efficient, and reliable service.

  • Hotels & Hospitality

    Few things make hotel guests more frustrated than a room that is dirty or unprofessional. Make sure guests have a positive experience, with professional repairs and maintenance as well as design improvements and upgrades from My Handyman. It’s called the hospitality industry for a reason, and we want to help you make your guests feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

  • Municipal & Government

    For people to have faith in their institutions, municipal and larger government buildings should feel clean and distinguished. Protect the appearance of your department or division, with maintenance and repairs from My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth and Rochester.

  • Manufacturing

    My Handyman can help ensure the safety standards and functionality of your manufacturing building are upheld. Our workers are able to tackle a wide range of projects and are always thinking of new ways for you to improve and make the most out of your space.