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When it comes to home renovations and updating the interior, one room that is often overlooked is the garage. Not enough people take advantage of that space, chalking it up as a place to store vehicles. But if done correctly, your garage can serve for more than that. Our skilled Tucson handymen at My Handyman can help you organize the room to accommodate your car, hobbies, and extra stuff that won’t fit in the house.

Garage Services We Offer in Tucson

Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair
Wouldn’t it be nice to have your garage door open without you having to get out of the car? Is your garage door opener not working the way it should be? Our team would be happy to repair or install a new opener, so you can driver safely.

Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Installation
Having a properly functioning exhaust and ventilation fan is extremely important in a garage because of the carbon monoxide cars release. If inhaled, it can cause many serious health problems. Furthermore, such units also help regulate the temperature of your garage and can eliminate fumes and mold-causing moisture.

Garage Floor Coating
Much like the garage in general, the floor is often overlooked or forgotten. But a polished floor can tie the whole room together. Our skilled Tucson handymen offer quality floor coating services and can handle everything from fixing blemishes in concrete floors to painting new coats.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair
Make sure the lighting in your garage is working properly, so that you can fix and tinker in peace. Additionally, there’s nothing worse than parking your car in a dark garage. Our team installs and repairs a variety of garage lighting fixtures.

Garage Organization & Storage
The garage is the perfect space to store your goods, to work, and more. By installing custom cabinets, shelving, countertops, and more, you can make the most out of the space. From installing bike hooks to building overhead storage, we’ll help you get organized in no time.

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