6 Ways to Upgrade Your Ann Arbor Business Before the Holidays

This may be an understatement, but the holidays are busy. Not only in your personal life but also at work! From Black Friday to the week before Christmas, there's a lot to plan and prepare for.

Luckily, when it comes to getting the inside of your business ready for the holidays, you don't have to go at it alone. With {Sub:BusinessName} by your side, you'll have help from experienced Ann Arbor professionals who can complete a wide range of commercial handyman services throughout your property, making sure everything is working, looking, and feeling great for your customers. We're eager to help you get started on your pre-holiday checklist!

From repairs to installations, here are some of the best business upgrades that can be completed ahead of the holiday season:

1. Adding Storage & Organizational Solutions

During the holidays, there's a good chance that your inventory room can become messy or cramped. To help avoid this, consider adding new storage or organization solutions, all of which can be installed by one of our Ann Arbor handyman professionals.

  • Shelving – Whether you want to utilize your unused wall space as a place to display some of the best holiday deals on your sales floor or to store excess inventory in your storage room, custom shelving is never a bad idea.
  • Cabinets – Custom cabinets don't only add large amounts of extra storage to any room in your business, but they can be painted, stained, and finished in a variety of styles to complement your current aesthetic.
  • Slat Walls – Adding something like a slat wall can give your backrooms a new organizational system that ensures your most important items are visible and easily accessible. You even transform a previously unused wall into a customer-friendly display with the help of slat wall systems.

Whether you're looking for a custom solution to be built around your needs or a pre-existing system to be professionally installed, choosing a handyman for help will help you worry less about finding the best solution and getting it installed. We have years of experience installing all sorts of things, so rest assured your installation will make sure your new storage or organization system is safe and secure!

2. Window & Door Repairs

If your business has any of your windows, doors, or respective frames damaged, it's important to have them repaired before the holidays come around.

Not only can the bustle of the holidays and increased foot traffic make worn windows, doors, and more meet their final demise, but openings with unreliable elements can easily become safety hazards to both your staff and customers. Get things fixed early on easily with the help of a local handyman!

3. Paint Your Interior or Exterior

Whether on the sales floor or in the office, a new coat of paint can greatly improve your space's overall look and feel. While you can certainly choose to go with your brand's new colors, you could also choose a color palette that's been calling to you – the possibilities are endless!

Choosing to paint your business's exterior can be very beneficial too to your overall curb appeal and brand identity, too. Even splashing a few coats of paint onto window trim can give your business a new lease on life!

Paint Touch-Ups Help Too

Even if you don't repaint your whole property, touch-ups can help keep things looking neat before the holidays. Even a tiny mark in the middle of a wall or door frame can distract your customers' attention from what's important.

5. Upgrade Signage

If you manage a restaurant or retail store, you'll want to update any signage you have on both the exterior and inside of your business before the holidays. This is especially important if any of your commercial signs:

  • Have been damaged by weather
  • Feature outdated information
  • Feature old branding
  • Are placed in the wrong spot
  • Have been vandalized
  • Are too small

Once you have your new sign in hand, don't worry about hanging them. With the help of {Sub:BusinessName} 's handyman professionals, installation will be a breeze. We can handle any size of sign and secure them virtually anywhere around your property.

6. Repair Restrooms

Out of everything in your business, the restrooms are some of the most important facilities your customers will interact with. While the overall cleanliness of your restrooms is extremely important, nothing can tarnish a customer's experience like a broken restroom.

Before the holidays, it's important to ensure your business's restrooms are ready for your patrons. Be on the lookout for:

  • Toilet leaks
  • Continuously running toilets
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Leaks under sinks
  • Broken hand dryers
  • Leaky faucets
  • Poor sink temperatures

While a professional plumber can provide you with the maintenance needed to prevent a number of these problems in the first place, the team at {Sub:BusinessName} can assist in a wide variety of plumbing repairs and installations to make sure your restrooms are holiday ready. Don't hesitate to reach out to our Ann Arbor handymen for help!

{Sub:BusinessName} Can Be Your Holiday Handyman Partner

Whether you need custom storage solutions or drywall repair, let {Sub:BusinessName} handle everything on your pre-holiday to-do list. With upfront quotes, a wide range of commercial services available, and some of the best guarantees in the industry, there's no wonder why business owners in Ann Arbor continue to choose our licensed, insured, and experienced commercial handymen for help!

Request your commercial handyman services in Ann Arbor today – contact us online to get started!

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